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Omagh vs Enniskillen

Held on 16th April, ten of Enniskillens’ finest players travelled to Omagh for a very intense encounter in the Library. The home teams plans  were to play five juniors giving them match experience at the expense of a probable overall defeat, also some  last minute substitutions meant Anthony White was compelled to play without much warning. As usual the junior games ended first with the victory by Darragh McKane over Michael Callaghan being Omaghs’ only junior win. This was followed by a very rare defeat of Omaghs’ John Bradley on board one by John Phillips and signified that the home team was struggling. The  endgame between John Harding and Eibhia Ni Mhuireagain could not see a breakthrough by any player, so a draw was agreed. Finally, the last game to end was Adrian Gilmore vs Colm O Mhuireagain, and only a mistake by Colm in time trouble allowed Omagh to make the overall score a bit more respectable! We look forward to the next encounter.




Board             Omagh                    Enniskillen

1                      John Bradley 0-1  John Philllips

2                      Eibhia Ni Mhuireagain 0.5-0.5  John Harding

3                     Adrian Gilmore  1-0   Colm O Mhuireagain

4                     Paddy Largey       1-0  Jim Connolly

5                     Anthony White    0-1  Eoin Callaghan

6                    Ivo Bozhilov           0-1 Peter McGirr

7                    Jordan Crossan    0-1 Tanya Jones

8                    Darragh McKane 1-0 Michael Callaghan

9                   Ronan McCaffrey  0-1 Chris Curran

10                Ronan Corry            0-1 Chloe Lunny

Final Score: Omagh 3.5  Enniskillen 6.5


Scenes from the Bunratty International Chess Tournament

Omaghs’ John Harding playing in the Blitz friendly tournament. Judging by the position of the white king, things could be looking bad for international master, Mark Heidenfeld!




The Major and minor playing rooms


Bunratty Castle

Check the Omagh Chess Games link to view games.

Upcoming fixture

Omagh vs Enniskillen

Omagh Library

Midday Saturday April 16th 2016


Omagh Rapidplay Tournament


These are the group winners from the recent rapidplay tournament in the local Christian Brothers school. This competition was very efficiently organized by Ross Harris from the Ulster Chess Union ( third from right).  Second, third and fourth from the left are Omagh club players, John Harding, John Bradley and James White.

A photo of the year

This is one of the Guardians’ photos of the year. In an 18 match simultaneous in Zagreb, Croatia, Kasparov has moved on from a young opponent, who has just realized things could be going better! Guess we have all been there.

New season

Omagh chess club recommences at 11am on January 9th 2016. Championship matches start on the following Saturday. First division matches shall be 1hr 30 minutes per player for all moves. Other divisions shall be played without clocks as usual.


After an 11 year sojourn in Tyrone, one of our clubs best players, Alex Kacziba, has returned to Hungary. His competitiveness will be missed in Omagh and we wish him much success and happiness in the future.

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