Omagh sent two players  to the Bunratty International Chess festival in February.  John Harding actually played while John Bradley lurked in the background ready to step in if things started to get nasty! Scoring 3.5/6 in the minor section, these are a few of the games from Tyrones’ greatest ever chess playing novelist.









Not quite a Valentine’s day massacre, nevertheless the first ever win for Anthony White against Paddy Largey is bound to feel good.


















A fine win today for Queens University student Liam Fox against a man unbeaten last season, Alex Kacziba.




Omagh Chess Clubs’ sole representative in the States this summer was John Bradley. Competing in the 23rd Southern Open, this is one of Johns’ games with his own annotations.

Date: 24-26th July 2015

Location: Wyndham Orlando Resort, International Drive, Orlando.

5 round, 40/110, SD/30, d10.

(that means, 5 rounds, with 110 mins for first time control at 40 moves, .followed by 30 mins each sudden death. 10 second delay for all moves).

There were 62 players in the U2100 section, with U1900grading prizes of $600 & $300. ($105 entry fee).

My USCF grading is 1753, which made me 36th seed. I knew it was going to be tough to get many points.

My second game was a close encounter against a 14yr old from Atlanta.







My opponent here is a 12yr old Chinese girl, whose ungraded status is very misleading. After this tournament she is provisionally rated 1700.

Southern Open
Orlando, Florida



Two puzzles from the Southern Open

Round 4:

White: Brian Blake (1917) Black: John Bradley (1753)

  1. e4     d5
  2. exd5 Qxd5
  3. Nc3 Qa5
  4. Nf3   Bg4
  5. h3     Bh5
  6. Be2   Nf6
  7. 0-0     e6
  8. d4     c6
  9. Bd2   Qc7
  10. Re1   Be7
  11. Ne5   Bxe2
  12. Qxe2 Nbd7? (see diagram)What is Whites best move?



Round 1:

White: John Bradley (1753)

Black: Deborah Alegria Cruz (USCF1917, WFM FIDE 2107)

  1. e4     e6
  2. d4     d5
  3. Nd2   Nf6
  4. e5     Nd7
  5. Ndf3 c5
  6. c3     Nc6
  7. Ne2   Qb6
  8. g3     Be7
  9. Bg2   cxd4
  10. cxd4 Qd8
  11. b3     b6
  12. Bb2   Ba6
  13. 0-0   Rc8
  14. Ne1   0-0
  15. f4     Rc7
  16. Rf2   Bxe2
  17. Rxe2 Qc8
  18. Rc1?                   see diagram.What is Blacks best move?puzzle