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Club Prizegiving 2017

Held on May 20th, here is a few pictures of  the prizewinners that could make it, for what has been, a very successful and well attended year.


Unfortunately, no prizewinners of Division 2 are captured above.

And the final league positions:

Division 1                                                                                           

1st John Bradley 12/12

2nd Adrian Gilmore 8.5/12

3rd John Harding        7/12

Division 2     

1st  Michael Donaghy  8/8

2nd Tom Johnston 6/9

3rd James Carleton 5/7 + Phillip McCandless 5/11


Division 3

1st Matthew Law 5/7

2nd Stephen Cairns 3/4

3rd Dmitri Schizonikas 2.5/4


Division 4                                                     Division 5

1st Declan Reilly 4.5/6                       Niall Birnie 6/8

2nd Rhea McNally 3/3                       Charlie Cairns 4.5/6

2nd Robbie McClean 3/7                 Claudia Morey 3.5/5

Omagh vs Enniskillen13/5/17

A home match that was probably slotted in too late in the season resulted in both clubs presenting  under strength teams of 6 players each. Nevertheless, as usual it was an intense encounter. As expected, the one junior pairing finished quickly with a win for Enniskillens’ Chris  Curran over Ivo Bozhilov, this was followed by James White on Board 5  underestimating how improved a player Tom Johnston has become. Within 30 minutes, its 0-2 Enniskillen.

Next to finish was Adrian Gilmore on board 3, playing with the black pieces and possibly being relieved to get a perpetual check against Enniskillens’ Jim Connolly. The first victory for Omagh came on Board 2 when John Harding won on time against Colm O Mhuireagain, the opposite of the away fixture result. After Peter McGirrs’ victory against Michael Donaghy the last match to end was Board 1. This looked to be surely heading John Philips way as John Bradley already with  an inferior position was in deep time trouble. Nevertheless with some skillful play aided by an error by John Phillips, a JB win meant the final close victory for Enniskillen by 3.5-2.5, was a much more respectable result than the away game before Christmas!

Enniskillen           Omagh

John Phillips(w) 0-1 John Bradley

Colm O Mhuireagain(b) 0-1 John Harding

Jim Connolly(w) 0.5-0.5 Adrian Gilmore

Peter McGirr(b) 1-0 Michael Donaghy

Tom Johnston (w) 1-0 James White

Chris Curran (b)    1-0  Ivo Bozhilov

Upcoming events

  • Omagh vs Enniskillen
  • Venue, Omagh Library, Midday 13th May 17
  • Omagh Children’s Select vs Belfast Schools Select
  • Venue, Omagh Library, Midday 20th May 17

Enniskillen vs Omagh 5/12/16

Held on the evening of 5th December, this encounter in the Bridge centre Enniskillen proved to be quite a one sided affair. Omagh took victories by Jordan Crossan, Paddy Largey and the impressive newcomer Michael Donaghy on Board 5. Elsewhere, it was a story of missed opportunities despite some epic battles, resulting in a 7-3 win for Enniskillen. A raised game is necessary for the return in Omagh in the New Year. Having Anthony White just spectating, obviously not the greatest of ideas!

Omagh                  Enniskillen

Board 1     John Bradley       0-1  John Phillips

Board 2      Adrian Gilmore 0-1  Eibhia Ni Mhuireagain

Board 3      John Harding     0-1 Colm O Mhuireagain

Board 4      Paddy Largey     1-0 Peter McGirr

Board 5     Michael Donaghy 1- 0 Jim Connelly

Board 6    James  White          0-1  Eoin Callinan

Board 7     Ivo Bozhilov           0-1 Tanya Jones

Board 8   Jordan Crossan     1-0 Jacky Cheung

Board 9     Paul Furey               0-1 Michael Callaghan

Board 10  Ryan McCrystal   0-1 Chris Curran

Omagh Rapidplay Tournament

This years Omagh rapidplay will take place on Saturday December 3rd at Christian Brothers Grammar School. This event is independent of Omagh Chess club and is organized by the Ulster chess union.

Event details


Dec 03, 2016
from 09:30 AM to 05:00 PM


Christian Brothers Grammar School, Omagh

Venue: Christian Brothers Grammar School, Kevlin Road, Omagh , BT78 1LD

Format: 6 Round Swiss. Open to all abilities.

Rules: FIDE rules apply, see

Entry Fee: £10

Time Control: 25 minutes per player for all moves

Timetable: Arrival/registration at 10.00am. 6 games.  1st game starts 10.30am. Midway lunch break approximately 1pm

Sections: Senior and Junior.  Grading bands to be determined on the day of the tournament.

Prizes: The prize fund is subject to entrant numbers.  It will be determined and published on the day of the tournament.

To enter: Contact tournament director, Richard Gould 07770763266,


2016/2017 Schedule

Omagh chess club will commence on 1st October 2016 until 29th April 2017. Hours shall be 11am until 3pm on Saturdays in the usual venue, Omagh library.

Omagh Chess Club Prizegiving

Some pictures from the prizegiving on May 14th, with the final league results below.

chess 020      chess 022

chess 024     chess 025

chess 030

Div  1:  1.  John Bradley    6
2.  Anthony White    3.5
John Harding    3.5
4.  Paddy Largey    3

Div 2:  1.  Darragh McKane  8
2.  Ivo Bozhilov    6
Ronan McCaffrey  6
4.  Paul Furey      3.5
John McGlinchey  3.5

Div 3:  1.  Jordan Crossan  7
2.  Conor White      4
3.  Ronan Corry      3
4.  Paul McKenna    1
Sean Monan      1

Div 4:  1.  Matthew Law      12.5
2.  Joseph Brogan    6
3.  Roman McCabe    5.5
4.  Finn McMorrow    5

Div 5:  1. Esther Rutledge  8.5
2. Rhea McNally      7.5
3. Declan Reilly    5.5
4. Luke McMorrow    2.

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