Held on the evening of 5th December, this encounter in the Bridge centre Enniskillen proved to be quite a one sided affair. Omagh took victories by Jordan Crossan, Paddy Largey and the impressive newcomer Michael Donaghy on Board 5. Elsewhere, it was a story of missed opportunities despite some epic battles, resulting in a 7-3 win for Enniskillen. A raised game is necessary for the return in Omagh in the New Year. Having Anthony White just spectating, obviously not the greatest of ideas!

Omagh                  Enniskillen

Board 1     John Bradley       0-1  John Phillips

Board 2      Adrian Gilmore 0-1  Eibhia Ni Mhuireagain

Board 3      John Harding     0-1 Colm O Mhuireagain

Board 4      Paddy Largey     1-0 Peter McGirr

Board 5     Michael Donaghy 1- 0 Jim Connelly

Board 6    James  White          0-1  Eoin Callinan

Board 7     Ivo Bozhilov           0-1 Tanya Jones

Board 8   Jordan Crossan     1-0 Jacky Cheung

Board 9     Paul Furey               0-1 Michael Callaghan

Board 10  Ryan McCrystal   0-1 Chris Curran